Robin Evans, Esq.- World Record Attempt
- The result

So, Robin has broken the World record (validity to be confirmed), crashing through the old record of just over 25 hours at just after midday on Sunday. The new World record stands at one day, six hours and two minutes.

Having played since 11:30am the previous morning we arrived at just about the sixteen hour point to see a very tired looking Robin working through his 129 song set list for what was probably the third time.


With just five minutes break allowed each hour, each song having to be a minimum of two minutes and very little gap between songs, this is quite an endurance. Robin was using finger picks, which probably helps the strumming hand survive, but he was getting pain in his left arm and hand.

But, as the sun rose, Robin got second wind and picked up somewhat, breaking through the record shortly after we left.

We had to leave to make important cat food purchases, but thanks to a live stream put on at the Duke Of Uke, where the event was held, we were able to watch the rest of the proceedings!

We broke our own World Record, too. About eight hours spent in a ukulele store without spending any money!

That other cat keeps getting in on the action, but we watched the live stream from home.