The Cool Cat Ukes Ukulele Light

To fit inside your uke

A bit of silliness for your stage performance - a light to go inside your ukulele. We made these for ourselves for fun, but thought others might like them too.

This device runs on three AA batteries and is motion activated. When activated, it will display a different random colour every second for 60 seconds or 60 seconds after you stop moving.

There's no on-off switch, it will last for about eight hours of continuous use (i.e. with the LEDs running), or three years or so on standby. The whole device sticks to the inside of your ukulele using velcro strips, so it's removable to put into another instrument, or so that you can replace the batteries.

Dimensions are 58 x 50 x 30mm - so will fit into any ukulele with a 50mm soundhole. Requires three AA batteries (not supplied). Download the instructions here.

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Cool Cat Ukes Ukulele Light

Bright lights!