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Zöe Bestel

I first saw Zoë Bestel at Ukulele Events' Big House In The Country. Zöe is a singer-songwriter with the most incredible voice. For me, although all the acts were excellent, she was the standout act of the weekend.

She is an undiscovered talent, she has so much of what you want in a musician in the one package. She has stage presence, an endearing, humble personality with no air of superiority at all. But, her vocals are perfect, dynamic with the most control I have ever heard. She writes deep and tuneful songs, sings covers with her own unique spin. I can compare her with the voice of Bjork (but without the oddness), the attitude of Pink and Lily Allen, and the raw talent of Ed Sheeran (but a different style clearly) - but all in one!

How she remains undiscovered, I don’t know. She clearly outshines anyone on “The Voice” for example.

"Jolene" - an original take on a classic

Zöe has already released an album "Sir Lucas And The Moon" - you can buy it via her website.