My Own Music

Just to prove that I do actually play ukulele myself. Since starting to play in 2012, I have lost all sense of shame, as proved here. I don't claim to be a 'musician', I just play stuff for fun.

Some songs are performed for a monthly competition on facebook called "Uke To Bridge". Anyone who plays is encouraged to enter, with a monthly theme, it's a challenge and it's fun.

This first one is inspired by the Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain, who break their songs down into individual parts.

"I Can't Stand The Rain"

Next up, "Rock And Roll", originally by Led Zeppelin, one we play quite often at unplugthewood, and featuring a special guest instrument that you can only play when no-one else is around.

Rock And Roll

Then "Boogie Nights", the theme for this challenge was "Heatwave", so seemed appropriate. The reason the vocoder does not appear more is because I only worked out two chords on the keyboard.

Boogie Nights

August's theme was "Cartoons", so what else could I do but a song from The Aristocats?

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

For a "Weird Covers" challenge, George Bartle of Opera-lele suggested I cover Aqua's pop classic "Barbie Girl"...

Barbie Girl

Another "Weird Covers" challenge, Iain Glencross challenged me to cover "Gangnam Style". However, I could barely pronounce the words of the original, so I changed it a bit.

What Coffee Style / Gangnam

This "Weird Covers" challenge, was a huge challenge to get the vocoder stuff done.

Leon (original by Japanese House)

The latest "Weird Covers" challenge is 'Code Monkey', originally by Jonathan Coulton.

Code Monkey (original by Jonathan Coulton)

Uke To Bridge in September 2018's theme was 'Sea & Boats', so here's The Village People's 'In The Navy'.

In The Navy (original by The Village People)

Another Weird Cover challenge, and probably my weirdest yet. "Saturday Night" originally by Whigfield, and my apologies go to her. (this is not for the faint hearted)

Saturday Night (original by Whigfield)

Here's a collaboration between Mike Krabbers & Richard Broughton from unplugthewood with myself. All recorded in different locations, at different times, and put together.

Because I Got High (original by Afroman)

Another one for the monthly 'Uke To Bridge' competition. This one, November 2018.

Willie & The Hand Jive

Just for fun, this classic track from 1982 using the Casio VL-1.

Da Da Da Da (original by Trio)

One I wrote about toasters.

Toaster Of Doom

Originally by Patrick Hernandez from 1979.

Born To Be Alive

The Eurythmics released this in 1978.

Love Is A Stranger

My own composition (July 2019), needs a proper video. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Tesla Cuckoo

Recorded for a monthly competition, this month with the theme "Moon".

Fly Me To The Moon

I love this song, the best version is by Toyah.


Adam Lambert's "Superpower".


Of course, the real star of these videos is me.