unplugthewood From The Stage Floor Performances

It's a bit of an "art project", this....

We've mentioned the unplugthewood jam before, it runs every week at the Lion Brewery in Ash, Surrey. Everyone is welcome, not just ukuleles, but anything. "If you can get it throught the door, you can play it" is the mantra. But, one of the things that makes it really stand out is the open mic section in the middle of the evening. If you are good enough, brave enough, or just want to try, put your name down when you arrive and have a slot to perform what you like. Experienced musicians can put on their best performance, and those of us who are learning gain experience, encouragement and can even try out songs that we've written.

Recently, I wanted to record one of my performances, so I just put my camera on the floor to record the audio. What I got was of course, the audio, but also a fascinating (or not) view of my feet as I played. Could this be a new meme, I thought? Or, maybe a way to publish the performances, but allow the performers their anonymity. So, what we have here are all the open mic performances from one such evening - 17th January 2017, with a sampler first in case you don't want to go through the lot!

Thanks of course go to the amazing Hedge Inspectors who run this every week, making this space for experience, learning and encouragement - and just the very best way to spend an evening in Surrey.

They're all here in glorious HD, view in full screen if you like. When you've finished looking, have a listen to the unplugthewood podcast, and why not come along to meet us on a Tuesday evening soon?

From The Stage Floor 01

From The Stage Floor 02

From The Stage Floor 03

From The Stage Floor 04

From The Stage Floor 05

From The Stage Floor 06

From The Stage Floor 07

From The Stage Floor 08

From The Stage Floor 09

From The Stage Floor 10

From The Stage Floor 11

From The Stage Floor 12

This is the view I mostly get.