The unplugthewood Podcast

We will declare an interest - Mike and Caroline who produce this podcast are two of our favourite human beings, but that shouldn't stop us from letting everyone know what a brilliant job they do for the ukulele world.

Mike's known for his songs - both silly and serious - and over the last year, Caroline has upped her game with some great bass playing adding to the duo that they form in the Hedge Inspectors, seen at many festivals around the country. Add to that, the weekly jam and open mic session in Surrey, and you see what I mean.

The Hedge Inspectors

Since the end of 2015, they have been producing a podcast. This is like being with them in their front room as Mike makes his jokes and random witterings, and Caroline makes sense of it all - losing it at times in fits of giggles. There are Mike's poems, a reflection on life or the inner workings of his mind, but above all, a great selection of original music.

If you want to discover new artists, this is definitely worth listening to. People are contributing music from as close as regulars to the weekly jam, to as far away as the US. Mike's reach is far across the world, and this podcast is quickly becoming a place to be heard. I've even been on it a couple of times, but that just shows that I'm in good company with others like Liam Capper-Starr, Al Wood, Ian Emmerson, Phil Doleman and many, many others.

The podcast appears about once a month, always raises a smile, download it to your phone via this link or just listen via the link here. It's a great listen, like a easy to listen to radio show, put on by good friends. (Well, they ARE good friends).

If you are an aspiring player and want a way to get heard, they will accept original music from anyone for the podcast
- hence they played Simon's stuff!