Music Reviews

Many ukulele artists have released CDs and other music. Even Simon is planning his own EP!

We will take a listen to these and give an opinion. Of course, it's a matter of taste, but hopefully our descriptions and reviews might help you to select your next ukulele listening choice. We will concentrate on the good things of course, but if there's something out of place, unusual, or even in our opinion wrong, we will mention it in the pursuit of honesty.


Of course, we remember that many of these are not professional musicians, many are keeping up a regular day job as well as releasing music, but we have to listen to everything as music in its own right. Even if we are not critical, we will tell you what the music is like. A few exceptional CDs will get the "Cool Cat Ukes Recommended Album Award" - these are highlighted in bold below.

Where the links are inactive, the reviews will be coming soon. Click the header to sort the table.

Artist Title Format Release Date
Amber Sands Serendipity EP 2022
Amelia Coburn Nuke CD 2016
Andydan ExtendedPlayer#One CD 2018
Andydan The Eight Thousands CD 2018
Andydan Townshend 7" vinyl 2016
Astraluna The Pass Of Storms CD 2016
Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers Thought Porridge CD 2019
Crispy Jones Blitzkrieg Bop Single 2018
Crispy Jones EP2019 EP 2019
Crispy Jones Krach am Bach EP CD EP 2017
Daniel Ward El Ukulele CD 2015
Dead Mans Uke & The Mersey Belles Moon Over Havana CD EP 2015
Hannah Paloma Herding Cats CD 2020
The Hedge Inspectors Gig at the Lamb, Farnham Live Performance 2017
The Hedge Inspectors Live at Bracklesham Bay & The Big House South Live CD 2019
Izzy B Growing Pains CD 2016
Izzy B Opia CD 2019
Jake Shimabukuro Trio CD 2020
Jeff Japers Making Music CD 2015
Kate And Her Baritone Save Me CD 2018
Katy Vernon Present CD 2015
Katy Vernon Suit Of Hearts CD 2019
Krabbers Animals & Misfortune CD EP 2015
The Lost Trades The Bird, The Book & The Barrel CD 2021
Liam Capper-Starr Needs More Cello CD 2016
Manitoba Hal Live In Ghent 2 CD 2017
Marc Gallagher Level Up CD 2018
Marc Gallagher Sad Elephant Single 2022
Marc Gallagher Songs From A Happy Winter CD 2019
Marc Gallagher Songs From A Sh*t Summer CD 2017
Matt Hicks These Rivers Still Run CD 2021
Matt Stead & Rob Ash The Wend CD 2017
Matt Stead & Rob Ash Autobiography CD EP 2017
The Mersey Belles I & U CD EP 2016
Mike Haysom The Natural Place CD 2018
Mike Hind Plan E CD 2016
Mother Ukers Ukular Fusion CD 2018
Oli Mansell Momentum CD EP 2017
Opera-lele A Night On Broadway CD 2018
Opera-lele Opera-lele CD 2016
Phil Doleman Skin & Bones CD 2018
Phil Doleman & Ian Emmerson Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff CD EP 2017
Phil Dyer Get Drunk And Sing CD 2020
Plastic Jeezus Choose Your Own Misadventure CD 2017
Plastic Jeezus Leave Them Wanting Less CD 2022
Plastic Jeezus Quite Heavy Things CD EP 2019
Plastic Jeezus Utter Baubles CD EP 2020
Pony Death Ride Cat Sounds CD 2016
Pony Death Ride The First Leon Christmas Album CD 2019
Various Artists Re-Owned CD 2018
Zoƫ Bestel Sir Lucas & The Moon CD 2014
Andydan Rhythm & Sound 12" Vinyl & CD 2017
Dead Mans Uke Let Loose! Live From the Manor CD 2015
Dead Mans Uke Chapel Sessions CD EP  
Ian Emmerson Nocturnal Emissions CD 2012
Heidi Swedberg
(and the Sukey Jump Band)
My Cup Of Tea CD 2013
Krabbers Secondhand Backpack CD 2014
The Poor Boys Of Worcester Hard Luck Songs For Hard Working People CD 2017
Shine Just A Little Swing CD 2012
The Ukuleles The Ukuleles CD 2012
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Live In London 2 CD  
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Uke-Werk CD 2013
Isaac Hughes Dennis Gravity CD EP 2017
Various Original Ukulele Songs Sampler CD 2017
Katy Vernon Before I Forget CD 2012
Ukulele Sirens Songs For The Sea CD 2017

I hope we don't upset the artists with our honesty, we love you all, really!