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Crispy Jones - Krach am Bach EP

I have to look at this from the point of view of a Brit listening to music from Germany - mainly because the 'overture' ("Punk Rock Hawaii") reminds me in some ways of the Nina Hagen stuff I used to listen to in the 70s and 80s. I've spent a lot of time in Munich and Bavaria, this album in some ways takes me back to the madness and fun that is to be had there. There's a little bit of German language in the EP, but not so much as to lose all meaning. After all, the only German I know is to order a beer, order chips and bratwust and once saying "flughafen schnell" to a taxi driver as I was a bit late for the airport. (I'm NEVER saying THAT again!)

I don't know how to classify this music. Brash, in your face, with an edgy punk style (although not extreme, so don't let that put you off). There's a bit of ska rhythm in there, too. It's an upbeat, fun musical experience, though. Good positive stuff with attitude.

"Wasted" is about drinking too much, the morning after, that kind of stuff. Many of us can relate to that. "Listen To What Your Mama Says" is good advice. Many times I've wished that I listened to what my mother said to me when I was young*.

And the biggest sticker for my ukulele case so far!

The ska beat comes in in "Fast Guy Eddie" - even with the vocal "chicicha" riff. A great song, with a sing along chorus, like all of the songs on this EP, good fun. You can imagine being in some southern German bar or beer garden with a stein in your hand and Crispy Jones playing there, getting the audience singing and dancing along.

It's all fully aranged, with ukulele, drums, kazoos, keyboards. All in all, good fun, upbeat music with a Bavarian flavour - that's a Good Thing!

Next time I'm in Germany, I'll find out where he's playing, for sure.

Meanwhile, his website is at www.crispyjones.de (you can preview the EP there), you can also get Krach am Bach from Amazon downloads here.

7 tracks, 18 minutes.

1. Punk Rock Hawaii
2. Wasted (2017)
3. Listen To What Your Mama Says
4. Out Of Luck (feat. Caro)
5. Fast Guy Eddie (2017)
6. Shake Ukulele 2015
7. Wonder Why

Review - Simon Taylor, 9th March 2017

*I asked Simon what his mother told him, he said that he didn't know because he didn't listen.