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Katy Vernon - Present

Katy describes her songs as "sad songs on a happy instrument". In many ways, I think this is a little unfair as it sets expectations for something downbeat. She's also represented as a "folk" artist, which I also think is a little narrow for her music.

Also, when you meet Katy (from Minnesota), she's such a straightforward and unassuming person, that her music is actually a surprise. Her voice is strong and powerful and her rather mashed up accent (she moved to the US from the UK and very much has a mid-atlantic sound) doesn't come across in her songs, but I think adds positively to the great diction and clarity she posesses.

Some of her music is reminiscent of early Debbie Harry with Blondie. Certainly with the backing band she has - this album is fully arranged work, with backing guitar, trumpet, percussion, additional vocals and so on. A full band.

'Lily' is dedicated to her daughter and is a song about the way she sees the world and draws it with her crayons. Not downbeat, not sad at all. And it has a pop quality to it as well.

'Pearl' rolls into a lovely chorus, has some great guitar riffs. And to boot, there's a bonus remix of this great track on the album, too.

For a different style 'Loving You' becomes a bit country, then a trumpet turns up to give it a bit of jazz. Nice.

A more traditional ballad, 'Loud' calms things down again before the two bonus tracks on the album.

The remix of 'Pearl' is just excellent. One of the best standalone tracks I've heard out of the world of ukulele artists, although it must be said, not much ukulele there, but it certainly wouldn't be out of place at a wild rave!

Go to www.katyvernon.com to see and hear more of Katy and her original music.

Not your 'normal' ukulele album, great stuff.

12 tracks, 43 minutes.

1. 23
2. Lily
3. All Fall Down
4. Lost My Head
5. Out Of My Depth
6. Pearl
7. Heart Is In Your Hands
8. Loving You
9. Play
10. Loud
11. Lily (live)
12. Pearl (remix)

Review - Simon Taylor, 10th June 2017

Very well produced and recorded, and a lovely illustration on the back of the CD cover. I wonder if Lily will draw me a cool cat one day?