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Amber Sands - Serendipity

Amber Sands is relatively new to the ukulele scene and we like to think that the folks at unplugthewood have had a little hand in helping her become the rising star that she is.

She calls herself a "Dragulele Starlet", but she's not just about a novelty act, far from it. Her music draws from country, rock & pop influences. Her powerful vocals hit you face on. This EP is her first recording, but it's been professionaly recorded and mixed, Amber crowdfunding to raise the funds to do so with this great result.

She's appeared at GNUF in 2019 and 2022 and in 2022 has also been very busy at other festivals and pride events. Don't be deceived though, her self-penned songs are from the heart and beautifully delivered. She's a captivating performer, always endearing her audiences and this feeling comes across in this EP.

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The last track is a cover. I was led astray, singing along all the way through - until the end when I had to give way - WOW!

Her website is ambersandsqueen.com, but I encourage you to seek out her music, and best of all, see her live.

6 tracks, 24 minutes.

1. Dear You
2. Gold
3. Round One
4. Serendipity
5. Bulletproof
6. Genie In A Bottle

Review - Simon Taylor, 1st August 2022

All the pretty things are wonderful.