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Plastic Jeezus - Utter Baubles


Plastic Jeezus are just getting better and better. This EP is simply funny, festive and fabulous.

It would be wrong to tell you the punchlines, but the magic of Simon Fernand's song writing is the way he finds rhymes for "Tracy" & "Hector" in "The Office Christmas Party". There's glockenspiel on this one. We like glockenspiels... This is a song I've been covering on open mics in Essex. Seems to fit quite well, and we've all been to one of these parties, I think.

"Finally Feeling Festive" is all about that lovely feeling we get in the run up to Christmas and on the amazing day itself.

But, what's this? Aaron the bass player has written a song? Simon let the bass player loose with a pen? But, they've hit the spot with "Merry Christmas To My Cat" which will definitely get a playing on Christmas Day at Cool Cat Ukes HQ! Well done Aaron.

"The Holby & The I.V." is one that anyone who is a fan of BBC's "Casualty" or works in the NHS will appreciate. The imagery is compelling.

Shakin' Stevens will appreciate the cover version of "Merry Christmas Everyone". It starts with the iconic intro and is just a good up-to-date, honest version of the song. True to the original, key change and everything.

It's all brilliant stuff, Simon's characteristic ukulele work throughout. And a bit of kazoo, too. Properly recorded in a studio, great instrumentation, ukulele, bells, bass, synth, it's all there.

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Aaron & Simon make up Plastic Jeezus

We have been irritated that the last two Plastic Jeezus releases have only been EPs, their stuff is so good. So, just this once, because we can't give them the coveted Cool Cat Ukes Recommended Album Award, we created the Cool Cat Ukes Recommended E.P. Award - and they receive it!

Find Plastic Jeezus on bandcamp, buy this and their other music while you are there.

5 tracks, 18 minutes.

1. The Office Christmas Party
2. Finally Feeeling Festive
3. Merry Christmas To My Cat
4. The Holby And The I.V.
5. Merry Christmas Everyone

Review - Simon Taylor, 23rd November 2020

Merry Christmas to you too!