CyberChime ONE

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The CyberChime ONE is a MIDI controlled glockenspiel.

Based on a standard 32 key orchestral instrument, it brings new possibilities to live music with glockenspiel instrumentation.

Driven by either Bluetooth (BLE) MIDI or a standard 5-pin DIN MIDI in, and a computer with MIDI output can drive this instrument. It can be used for solo parts or as an accompaniment, or even driven from a regular MIDI piano keyboard.

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It can also be played manually with standard beaters, so a musician can have the computer play rhythm parts while playing solos over the top for example.

Possibilities are created by the fact that this instrument can do things that regular musicians cannot do with a glockenspiel - complex chords and multiple notes, also playing at speeds unimaginable by a human player.

Developed by Ambient Power, it has custom electronics and unique solendoid drivers striking the keys from within the physical envelope of the standard instrument. So, apart from the display hidden between the sharp keys in the first octave, it looks like a standard instrument.

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Supplied with a stand, beaters and carry case, it is available to buy on a build to order basis with a delivery of around 4-6 weeks at £549 plus delivery costs. Contact us at if you are interested.

The manual can be downloaded here.


Carol Of The Bells on CyberChime ONE

See the protoype CyberChime ZERO here.

Article - Simon Taylor, 23rd November 2020

Now you can have your own CyberChime.