Review - Tin Guitar Custom Concert Electro ukulele

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This is a ukulele I commissioned about six months ago from Tin Guitar.

Rob Collins is the luthier, he's made many ukuleles for well known artists as well as for general sale. You can specify what you want with him, but he also sometimes has ukes available on his website ready to purchase.

I chose this utile wood with a London Plane soundboard/top. With the construction being a chambered solid body style ukulele, it's very robust and ideal for gigging and open mics.

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A passive pickup makes everything so much simpler than having electronics in the ukulele - and batteries to fail.

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If you can't find your perfect ukulele, then why not contact a luthier and get one made? They aren't as expensive as you may think, and you can have exactly what you want.

I use a Zoom G1 Four pedal as a pre-amp - this has the bonus of being able to add effect, it also has rhythms and a looper.

Watch the video for more information.

Review of Tin Guitar Custom Concert Electro Ukulele












Review - Simon Taylor, 23rd May 2022

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