Review - Donner EC975 Concert

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This is a new brand to us, and surprisingly good!

A concert ukulele (there is a Tenor size option too - the EC976) at the time of writing, the price is £61.61 for either size - with free shipping!, which makes this electro acoustic ukulele a real bargain.

Our sample was very well set up, making my favourite barre chords really easy to play. Fret ends are nicely dressed. The package includes a padded gig bag, strap, picks, online content cleaning cloth and spare strings.

Our favourite feature has to be the bevelled edge on the bottom bout of the instrument. Just where your arm slides over the ukulele, making this really comfortable to play for long periods.

The sound is punchy and bright, with a solid mahogany top, bone saddle & nut - which is very unusual at this price level - and a three band (bass, mid, treble) pickup for the best EQ. A neat built in tuner completes the package.

It's a satin finish, with strap buttons and even has fret markers on the side - which always scores extra points with us.

Watch the video for more detail and a look around - look out especially for the really funky tuners. This ukulele scores top marks in the value stakes.

We are giving away one of these ukuleles - the review model, watch the video for details.

Review of Donner EC975 Concert ukulele

Buy the Donner EC975 here (you can also get the tenor size). US readers, check out the Donner website here. For super fast delivery in the UK, you can order via Amazon.

Review - Simon Taylor, 3rd July 2021

This has got everything you need to get started. I might even give it a go myself.