Yamaha Electone & Roland JD-Xi

A fun combination of a classic 80s home organ (that has MIDI output) and an up to date Roland JD-Xi synthesiser.

The organ I have is a Yamaha Electone ME-55a, but many others will work, as will other synthesisers, almost certainly the JD-Xa, but others with multiple synthesiser channels may work with this same trick.

It gives you stand alone flexibility, no computer required. Watch the video for the details.

These organs can be picked up for very little money. I chose an ME series organ because it's one of the more compact, but either way, they are all great fun.

The ME series organ I have dates from 1987, the only thing missing from it for this application is velocity out from the keys to MIDI, but for most sounds it doesn't matter. Organs from just a couple of years later do have velocity. Just something to look out for.

The amplifier and speakers on it are tremendous. More volume than you need in the average house (or studio).

Article - Simon Taylor, 3rd September 2022

At least you don't use the computer and get distracted by the internet.