Review - Enya Nova U Concert

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This is an innovative new ukulele from Enya in China.

Available as a plain acoustic, and as a electro-acoustic from Amazon (click the links to buy).

Current prices at Amazon are £79.99 and £159.99 including a semi-hard case, capo, strap, spare strings, jack cable and USB charging cable. Amazing value and very acceptable quality, too.

The electro-acoustic features a fancy "transacoustic" pre-amplifier, which also operates via a transducer internally to add effects even when playing stand-alone. Very cool.

And it looks cool too!

Review of Enya Nova U


I've added this track as many people have asked to hear what the uke sounds like without amplification, so this is done straight into the camcorder mic.

Madonna's 'Vogue' on the Enya U, straight into microphone (with added vocal track)


After receiving many questions about bags/cases and the sound of the ukulele with and without the effects, there are demos here. To hear particular sounds you can move directly to positions in the video :

4:47 - Acoustic, high G, No effect
5:56 - Acoustic, high G, Reverb
6:28 - Acoustic, high G, Chorus
7:02 - Acoustic, high G, Reverb & Chorus
7:47 - Direct, high G, No effect
8:13 - Direct, high G, Reverb
8:43 - Direct, high G, Chorus
9:12 - Direct, high G, Reverb & Chorus
10:38 - Acoustic, low G, Reverb & Chorus
11:09 - Acoustic, low G, No effect

Demonstration of the Enya Nova U concert ukulele with and without the effects, both acoustically and direct.

Electric ukulele with built in effects & great acoustic uke all in one, what's not to like?