Yamaha PSS-A50

Pic 2

I recently got this fun keyboard. It's a great little thing with a sequence recorder, to record a bass line, rhythm line that sort of thing, you can then play over the top in a different voice (or with your ukulele). Cool for working out tunes. Headphone out jack to play silently, or connect to a PA. It also works as a MIDI controller.

It's great, but the lack of a reference for the voices, arpeggios and effects is a bit of a pain.

So, I made a chart which you can keep as an A4 page, or stick on the front panel as shown in the picture.

Just makes life a bit easier.

Buy the keyboard from Amazon here, Yamaha's own page on it is here.

Download our reference chart / cheat sheet via this link.

Article - Simon Taylor, 13th June 2020

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