Behringer Pro 1 Synthesiser

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This page is a work in progress. We have recently purchased this synthesiser and will post a review/demo of it soon, but have also been working on an alternative operation guide as Behringer's own documentation is very basic to say the least. It shows promise not just as a synthesiser being driven from a keyboard or Logic Pro, but also as an audio processor for sounds from the ukulele. Should be interesting!

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Prints really nicely as an A5 booklet

We are using it with the Casio CT-S1 as a keyboard driver, but most keyboards with a MIDI output can be used.

It's a dual VCO analogue synthesiser with a clever "poly" function to allow control from two keys being played. Its predecessor was the basis of many bass and lead lines in 80s electropop.

Buy the synthesiser from Amazon here, Behringer's own page on it is here.

Download our own operation guide free of charge via this link. The current version is 1.01/December 2021. Be sure to check back periodically for updates.

First look at the Behringer Pro-1 synthesiser

Starsky Carr's review of the synthesiser gives a comprehensive look at the sounds that can be created and can be viewed here.

Trickery to get polyphonic sounds from your monophonic synthesiser
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I've also started using the Pro-1 along with the Crave. I've made a nice stand to hold the two together. This is available via Ambient Power, but sold on eBay - search for AP100 Crave Stand.


Article - Simon Taylor, 2nd December 2021

Even more weird sounds from Farnborough...