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Since our studio introduction in January, there have been some upgrades.

The main one has been the replacement of the Nektar keyboard controller with what is effectively a stage piano. This doubles as a portable keyboard and a keyboard controller. The X-Touch One duplicated the controls for Logic Pro that were on the Nektar keyboard anyway, and Nektar have not updated their drivers for the M1 Mac since I upgraded that from the old Intel Mac I had.

The modular amplifier has been replaced by a standard amplifier (an old Sony), I've added more keyboard and MIDI instruments.

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Product links:

Behringer UMC404HD audio & MIDI interface - basically allows you to record from audio inputs into computer.

Behringer X-touch ONE controller - easy control of Logic Pro and other DAWs.

Casio CT-S1 keyboard - standalone & full-size keys.

Roland JD-Xi Synthesiser - analogue and digital synthesiser with keyboard & MIDI control.

Behringer Crave - Single VCO synthesiser. We have now designed an acrylic stand for this synthesiser that also holds a second Behringer synth, available at Ambient Power.

Yamaha Reface YC - Analogue organ.

AKG K92 headphones, closed back, great value & quality.

Crush Bass 25 from Orange - 25W bass amplifier.

Ambient Power AP089 Meter clock - displays the time on two analogue meters.

Ambient Power AP096 Patch Switch Adaptor - allows selection of four analogue inputs to one.

Computer: Apple Mac Mini M1 (base version), Samsung Series 7 4K TV as monitor

Audio:Sony STR-DE245 Amplifier (100W/ch), Roksan TR5-S2 speakers, Sonos Port for audio streaming, Aiwa turntable (picked up for £5 and repaired!).

Article - Simon Taylor, 5th September 2021

I've even got my own seat in there now.