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Live Music

Live Lounge Gig, 14th July 2019

This is our first promoted gig for Cool Cat Ukes. In conjunction with unplugthewood, we brought artists to the Lion Brewery in Ash, Surrey on the 14th of July.

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Kicking off proceedings, We had Los Doritos, a four piece combo singing well known covers, all upbeat, ideal for singing along and ideal to get the party started.

Los Doritos consists of James Stewart on guitar and vocals, Chris Nevard on guitar, ukulele, harmonica and vocals (although NOT at the same time, Mike Leyton on guitar and vocals and Chris Steel on the electric cajon.

A brilliant start!

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Then, Amber Sands, who made her festival debut at GNUF this year, with originals and covers and the most incredible voice. She's a female drag artist, a spectacular act and we are proud to know her as she starts her career.

Since GNUF she has done cabaret with Tricity Vogue, we are sure that she will go on to great things.

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Our great friends The Hedge Inspectors were then up with their original songs, if you haven't seen them before, get along to their next gig!

Mike Krabbers writes the songs, with his wife, Caroline adding in some lyrics here and there - but the bass she plays adds great rhythm to the songs.

The Hedge Inspectors are also working through Mike Krabbers' back catalogue, updating the songsfor the duo and adding them to their entertaining set. Many of the songs have been covered by other artists too on the fund-raising album "Re-Owned".

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Nicola Collis hails from Essex, and brings her seasoned performance experience with an extended set mixing up well known covers with some of her own songs. We know Nicola from the Peggy Sue's Open Mic nights, where she has been very supportive.

All this took place courtesy of Mike Armitage, the landlord of the Lion Brewery. Come along, enjoy some great beer and pub food in the ambience of this very traditional pub, with great local musical heritage.

Thanks to all the musicans for performing, to the audience for being there (and participating), and to The Hedge Inspectors for providing the PA.

Here's a little video to give you an idea of the afternoon, we hope to see you at another even in the future!

...and here's Simon's introduction!

Live Music - Simon Taylor, 14th July 2019

Wow! A great line up for this debut gig. Simon even managed without his iPad for a couple of songs as an intro.