Review - Lava Music Lava U Concert

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A stunning carbon fibre ukulele from Lava Music. Superb quality, no faults, a well thought out product.

It's got the smoothest tuners we've ever seen, radiused fretboard, metal frets and a novel pickup and effects system. And, it's supplied with the best case in the ukulele world ever.

Prices at the time of writing are Concert Acoustic £259, electro £329, Tenor acoustic, £269, electro £349.

You can buy these from Lava Music, prices are delivered. They are very well packaged for international transit. For those of you in the UK, they are available fom The Uke Room - we had a chat with Matt Stead of this store.

Watch the video for lots more detail. A recommended instrument from us.

Review of Lava Music Lava-U Concert

Sound demo showing the Freebost technology via a microphone,
and plugged in directly via the built-in jack

Demonstrating using the built-in delay effect to set tempo of a song

Alternative solution to the strap button from Uke Shop - two in each pack

Review - Simon Taylor, 7th April 2020

Seriously, a lead? What??? I shall have words...