Yamaha Reface YC Portable Organ

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The latest addition at Top Cat Studios is this keyboard from Yamaha. Called the Reface YC, it's an electronic organ in a compact size. With mini size keys, it's got Hammond, Vox, Farsifa, Ace tone and Yamaha voicing with rotary sounds, vibrato, reverb and percussion. It's great for retro sounds, and although it's a little keyboard, it's no toy, the sounds that come out of it are big.

Those sounds are not just simple synthesised organ sounds either, there are nine "drawbars" for masses of different voicings.

It's got stereo speakers with bass ports, MIDI in and out, USB connection, line out, headphones and even aux in. You have an octave switch, but you can also plug in a full size keyboard and get the full range.

Part of the reface family, the Reface Organ YC is accompanied by the Piano (CP), Analogue synthesiser (CS) and digital synthesiser (DX), so there's four to collect.

...and, if it's good enough for the Australian legend that is Barry Morgan (from Barry Morgan's World Of Organs), it's good enough for me!

Elton John's "Love Song" re arranged using the Yamaha Reface YC
I don't claim anything for the vocals...

Buy the keyboard from Amazon here, Yamaha's own page on it is here.

It's awesome fun.

I've just started work on a foot pedal to operate the Rotary switch, allowing for modes to be selected on the fly. It's configurable to send out other MIDI messages, so could be useful for other keyboards.

Article - Simon Taylor, 30th June 2021

Simon channels his inner Barry using this...