Hricane Competition 2020

If you've entered our compeition, your video is featured here. Full details of the prize is at the Hricane UK-23 ukulele review page, the theme is "Happy". Thanks for joining in.

The results are in, thanks to everyone who entered, judging was very difficult we got to four candidates and after some discussion and soul searching, we came up with a winner. Judges were Mike & Caroline from The Hedge Inspectors and Simon & Mrs.T from Cool Cat Ukes. The theme for the competition was “Happy” and you all brought smiles in so many different ways - so job done! This competition would normally have been done over the weekend of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, but we will hopefully see you there next year!

Notes from the judges are here.

Donna gave us “At The Hop” - one of our unplugthewood favourites. Great enthusiasm and notable vibrato whistling.

John gave us snazzy wallpaper and waistcoat and cleverly caught our attention with Stray Cat Strut.

Christine charms us as ever, superb playing in a lovely setting with such thought provoking and clear lyrics. Happiness found in unexpected places. Lovely singing and a jazzy vibe.

Mother Of Order edged up the video production with multiple camera angles. A lovely rich sound from that 8 string and a nice solo. Extra kudos for the sneaky key change.

Rik - what can we say? We look forward to meeting you again at the next festival.

Amanda - she has an infectious smile & laugh, remembering Morecambe & Wise is always going to make us smile. Amanda, you are a legend.

Charles has to have a special mention. One of our modern heroes, doing a brilliant job for us, we loved your interpretation and your story. Mrs.T gives you a special salute.

George - Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Brilliant eye contact, the way you look down the lens telling us to be happy, who can argue? You made all of us happy and optimistic, we were all smiling from the start.

Phil - Happy as a Clam. A brilliantly optimistic and uplifting song, another great story.

Neil - I’ll never look at a slug quite the same way now. Just tell Doug to leave my cucumber plants alone, please!

Amber Sands - you are rocking that new look, brilliantly performed as ever, with a great hook. Good set dressing, too. A wonderful performance, with your flamboyant persona radiating from our screens - but what a song! Perfect construction and story telling, We loved it.

Nicola, your song was lovely - a literal story of happiness and how sharing things with someone makes for a great day.

But, the winner, edging it with an exit stage left stunt at the end (we hope there was no damage, that was an awkward ‘clang’) is George Partner. Hopefully the prize of the Hricane Ukuleles UK-23 will go some way to compensating for the sacrificial damage and is on its way to you now.

Honourable mentions go to Amber & Nicola, but again, thanks to everyone for joining in and making us “Happy”.

First up is Donna in a lovely beach setting.

"At The Hop"

John very appropriately gives us a song with a cat theme.

"Stray Cat Strut"

Christine brightens our day with this self-penned song.

"So Happy"

Mother Of Order have given us this folk style ditty.

"Build The Barn"

Rik Hoskin is here with his original song.

"Look Forward"

Amanda Allwood brings us Sunshine from Australia.

"Bring Me Sunshine"

Charles Bradley tells us of his ambulance escapades.

"When I'm Ambulance Driving "

George Partner shows us how not to worry.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Phil Cooper seems pretty happy.

"Happy As A Clam"

Neil Harvey tells us about Doug.

"Doug The Slug"

Amber Sands is back with a new song.

"Happy Again"

Nicola Bloom sings of a beautiful day.

"Beautiful Day"

Thank you to everyone for entering.