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Marc Gallagher - Level Up

Marc has stepped up a notch with this album for sure. He has "levelled up" (Can you see what I did there?).

From the outset, you can tell this is a more upbeat album than his last one "Songs From A Sh*t Summer", which was clearly from a bad phase in Marc's life! These albums compared are night and day. If you are going to get just one of Marc's albums, get this one.

'Bees Keep Buzzing' is outstanding, thought has gone into the construction of the track, with lovely use of instruments building the soundscene.

The whole album has songs that are well planned, with controlled vocals and instrumentation. A great demonstration of what this obviously very capable young musician can do.

As for genres, this album moves around rock, folk and country. The first track had vibes of Pete Shelley to it, while 'Love Is Blind' moved towards country, almost falling into John Denver's 'Country Roads'! Where did 'Amore A Prima Vista' come from? There's a lovely little back melody, judicious electric guitar / (maybe ukulele?) highlights and a great feel to it. Very different.

'Grow On Me'? Marc, you are growing on me (but not in that way...).

Last time I wrote that I hoped for Marc's sake that his next album might have been called "Songs From A Really Fantastic Summer". Well, this is much more positive and a huge, huge improvement on the last. Marc has improved so much as a songwriter, performer and (clearly) in his musical arrangements. Go to www.marcgallaghermusic.com to find out more.

10 tracks, 32 minutes.

1. How Much I Love You
2. Brew In The Morning
3. Anna's Song
4. Bees Keep Buzzing
5. Love Is Blind
6. Won't Drink This Water
7. Amore A Prima Vista
8. Grow On Me
9. Song For The Deaf
10. Water In The Wood

Review - Simon Taylor, 29th April 2018

Level Up? - like when I jump up from the ground, to the table, to the fence, to the tree?