Mother Ukers - Ukular Power

Not many bands do this trick. A band that is great live AND recorded. If you've ever seen the Mother Ukers, you'll know they are huge, quirky fun. Three gents on stage with different takes on classic songs.

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This is an album of covers. I'm sure that Barnaby, Jonty & Luap don't need to apologise for that, their arrangements are so original.

Barnaby plays ukulele bass, Jonty provides rhythm backing and vocals and Luap with the "goggles of invincibility" is lead uke and vocals.

Many of the tracks are surprises. 'Contact' - a disco classic (Edwin Starr) from 1978 is done in a way you've never heard before. With a bit of Frankie Goes To Hollywood thrown in for good measure.

Then we go on to Sting's 'An Englishman In New York'. All their songs are given the "Mother Ukers" treatment. Not so much Dum Ching, as Dead Man's Uke do, but a "Chukka Chukka Ching". It works.

Many people cringe when you mention Justin Bieber, but I think 'Love Yourself' is a brilliant track. It's written by Ed Sheeran, so I suppose that will give it some more credibility. The Mother Ukers make it more upbeat, with a bit of a swing to it. It's one I've done on open mics for a while, and this inspired me to do it a different way - thanks guys!

The star track on the album for me though is 'Too Good To Be True'. Originally by Frankie Valli, but I remember the Andy Williams version from my youth. Again, given the ukular fusion treatment, it changes completely. What was a good song to start with becomes utterly brilliant. You have to hear it to believe it! (again, I've nicked it for my open mics).

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The Mother Ukers are a hard working band, booked for weddings and many different gigs. They brighten up a room when they are there. This album is full of the same atmosphere. It's on repeat in my car, making the M25 to Essex bearable.

Go to to get your copy (soon to be released), and see what the guys are up to. Their first album, "Ukular Fusion" is also there.

12 tracks, 49 minutes.

1. Alabama Song
2. Let's Dance
3. Fat Bottom Girls
4. Contact
5. Englishman In New York
6. Disco 2000
7. Alphabet Street
8. Love Yourself
9. No one Knows
10. Gangsters
11. Honky Tonk Woman
12. Too Good To Be True

Review - Simon Taylor, 12th June 2018

This is huge fun. I got a part on 'Alphabet Street'. Yes, I did.