Plastic Jeezus - Choose Your Own Misadventure


So, this album is the musical equivalent of one of those stand up comedy DVDs. Most of the songs are stories that you can relate to. As such I have to resist the urge to give you the punchlines, but many will make you laugh out loud. Plastic Jeezus do seem to spend a lot of time on buses, though. A place of inspiration, obviously.

Simon, Aaron and Dave are the three who make up Plastic Jeezus and have written all of the songs on this album. We saw Plastic Jeezus at GNUF17 and were impressed then, and although they were very entertaining there, they transfer well to the recorded material too. Not something that always happens, so top marks for that!

When you listen there's a little bit of Splodgenessabounds (look them up), The Monks and Squeeze in here. The style is probably classic Brit pop with a bit of soft punk thrown in there. That appeals to me to start. Raw, simple lyrics with a British accent. But, the recording is clear and well produced, and there's some great support material at a microsite that supports the album that explains the care taken in recording it. But beware! - the lyrics are there - I'd suggest you DON'T read the lyrics until you've listened to the album.

So, what of the tracks that had me grinning inanely on a journey into London? From Farnborough along the M3, M25, M4 and the North Circular I must have looked like I was having a good time not compatible with such a dreary journey!

The title track "Delete As Appropriate" is very clever, it's a love/hate song with a twist. "Stalker Song" is creepy but funny - well, all the tracks are funny!

"Mantrap!" gives the cool cats the creeps, but again, I won't tell you why, it would be like reading the last page of a book. It's also an earworm which I can't get rid of! Now comes a formal request - can I star in the video for "Porridge & Pins"? I'm very qualified, you'll understand.

Comedy ukulele and great musicality.

There's a big laugh at the end of "Primary School Advisor" - you're getting the idea now, I can't tell you the punchlines!

Musically, it's well arranged and put together. The bass isn't overpowering, but perfectly timed, nor are the drums overdone. There are good harmonies and some nice additions, for example, some tubular bells added at the end of "Delete As Appropriate". There's not a duff track, either.

I tell you what, a songbook with the chords and lyrics would be a great addition. Many of these songs could become great ukulele classics for those of us with a propensity for the open mic.

The album will be released on 27th May 2017 and available via the band's facebook page and it will be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and so on. They have some other tunes on Bandcamp, too. Or, see the guys live at a gig and buy the album. The CD is nicely packaged, and they might even give you a sticker (they sent me one which is now proudly on one of my ukulele cases).

A worthy winner of our "Recommended Album" award. We don't give these out easily, but for great production, musicality, originality and comedy value, it's well deserved.

11 tracks, 36 minutes.

1. Buzzcuts
2. Delete As Appropriate
3. Stalker Song
4. Puncture Repair Kit
5. Mantrap!
6. People I Never Cared About
7. Porridge & Pins
8. Primary School Careers Advisor
9. The Other Place
10. So Damn Rock'n'Roll
11. Here Be Monsters

Review - Simon Taylor, 23rd May 2017

Mantrap! is interesting, sounds like a lucky escape. It could so easily have been Cattrap!