Feckless & Fuddle

We took our lives in our hands in this interview with ukulele duo Feckless & Fuddle. Recorded at World Of Ukes in Carlisle, the pair revealed some of their other interests, musical influences, and opinions about the World. Strewn with double entendres and other French influences...

Since this was recorded, Cool Cat Ukes have been given this exclusive news release from the Feckless & Fuddle PR agency -

"This was the final interview given by Feckless & Fuddle in this guise. The pipes have been consigned to the bin, and the stripy nylon jackets placed somewhere they'll no longer be a terrible fire risk. Fuddle's hair has been retired. And the wig sported by Feckless has, after about thirty hot and sweaty gigs, developed a life of its own and escaped into the countryside. They'll be back, with The Prince on bass, as Feckless & Fuddle: The League of Ukulele Gentlemen, being a lot less silly. To everyone's relief."

So, take your life in your hands, too and watch musical history unfold in the video interview below.

Remember where you heard it first!

What strange names. Not Feckless & Fuddle, I mean George & Mildred.