The Big House In The Country 2017

The third of these events, and as amazing as ever. With The Mersey Belles, The Anything Goes Orchestra, The League of Ukulele Gentlemen and Andy Eastwood performing as well as numerous others in attendance, it was certainly a great weekend. Dead Man's Uke even put on a "Speakeasy" with poker, music and magic, but we aren't allowed to talk about that...

With an open mic competition, a big strum along, open mic sessions and plenty of opportunity to jam, this was a very full weekend.

A compilation of the whole weekend.

Andydan's unique take on the ukulele at the open mic competition.

Kim Ward takes the stage at the open mic competition.

Nicki Walton's winning open mic performance.

Some guy called Simon Taylor at the open mic competition.

Grey Goat Guitars and their unusual instruments.

Andy Eastwood looks like an amazing entertainer, shame you didn't get more video!