unplugthewood Sessions

Every week at unplugthewood at the Lion Brewery in Ash, people step up and perform open mic slots. That's between some great jam sessions. But during August 2017, Mike & Caroline of the Hedge Inspectors who run the night came up with the idea of allowing open mic performers to do a longer set - we discussed this on a recent podcast, too. Given 15 minutes to do what they like, it gives everyone the chance to plan a set and show more of what they can do. The results have been impressive!

We've been recording all of them, and with the artists' permission, are publishing the performances here. Watch as more videos appear, and look out for some very special guests, too! They will appear gradually, so please be patient.

02 - Chris

03 - Angus & Spiney

04 - Steve Austin

05 - Nick & Valerie

06 - Judy

07 - James Stewart

08 - Charles

09 - Richard

10 - Tony

11 - Richard Broughton

12 - The Hedge Inspectors


Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll get my fifteen minutes of fame, too.