Fitbit Ukulele Chords

Our second App for the Fitbit Ionic & Versa Smartwatches.

Taking our chord charts, and putting them on your wrist for handy reference.

Be smart, and when someone asks you "what's E7sus4?", impress them with your knowledge! Handy when that awkward chord pops up at a jam, and you're too embarrased to ask, or don't want to be seen with a chord chart in front of you...

Step through chords in the same note by tapping the note on the top left, or step through to other notes by tapping the grid. Fancy inversions are accessed using the 'up' button, and some 'special' chords by the 'down' button.

If you use the app and there are extra chords you think I should add (or spot any errors), please let me know.

Have fun.

This has been developed as part of my "parallel life" - my embedded development business Ambient Power.

The app is available via this link, browse using the phone that's connected to your watch to load it.

As of January 2022, I have stopped development for FitBit devices, so versions for other watches are not available.

Article - Simon Taylor, 24th April 2018

Handy, a reference book on your wrist.