Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2018 Song Writing Competition

For GNUF'18, we challenged you to write a song about Cats or Biscuits. We had some great entries, and World Of Ukes kindly provided a prize, a wonderful Baton Rouge 5 String Tenor (I think they have more, it really is lovely).

Here are all the entries, performed to camera, in their raw glory. Some carry a 'parental advisory' - we've marked those with a PA tag next to the videos, so that you can be child and work safe!

For the record, we didn't allow the artists to win, but you can give them recognition by seeking them out on the web, and buying their stuff! Maybe we will hear these songs on future CD releases!

Double click the videos to view them full screen.

Kim Ward
The Tunnock Hunt

Valerie Hayllor
Crumbs Ballad

Marc Gallagher
Bottom Of The Barrel

Rik Hoskin

Chris DeGirolamo
Kitty Biscuits

Darren Watson

Pete Shurmer
My Pussy Is A Hussy

Chloe & Owen Daniels
Colin The Trampolining Cat

Short Straw
Cool For Cats

PA - Nicki Walton
A Biscuit...

Phil Dyer

Puffin Pete
I Like A Pack Of Biscuits With My Tea

Richard Taylor
My Cat Works For MI5

Garvan Rice

PA - Plastic Jeezus
Oreos Are Just Bourbons For ...

The Hedge Inspectors
Would You Like To Stroke My Cat?

And the worthy winner was - Darren Watson. He won the ukulele, and performed his song on the main stage to a packed house. We loved the jazzy riff, and find ourselves humming the song long after we've heard it. The sign of a good song. Well done to everyone who entered, and good luck for next time, we hope to do this again!

Thanks go to Val & Christine who helped with the judging.

Amazing! So much talent, cats and biscuits.