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Group 1 - Victoria Selection
Just For Fun

The Biscuit Cup

Inspired by the Uke Cup that World Of Ukes are running on facebook, we've decided to do a similar thing.

But, instead of selecting the favourite ukulele, of course we will select biscuits.

The first group is the Victoria selection from McVities. Fine chocolate biscuits, but which will be the best?

Getting through the first round is the Chocolate Finger, Milk Chocolate Shortcake, Chocolate Crumble and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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Group 2 - Family Circle

After that, we will check out more from McVities, but the Family Circle Selection.

Second round survivors are: Nice, Happy Faces, Crunchy Oat & Bourbon.

The Premier Division includes the popular Hob Nob, Fig Rolls, and our own King Of Biscuits, the Chocolate Malted Milk. Getting through to the second round is the Butter Shortcake, Digestive, Fig Roll and Lotus.

The National League sees favourites like the Jammie Dodger, Party Ring, Garibaldi & the Ginger Nut. Through to their next round are Chocolate Hob Nob, Ginger Nut, Jammie Dodger and the Plain Chocolate Digestive.

Things are hotting up, Custard Creams have already been knocked out by the Crunchy Oat, and the Chocolate Chip cookie only just edged through on penalties.

We now have got to the group final stages, and things are as follows:

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Group 3 - Premier Division

Victoria - Chocolate finger vs. Choc Chip Cookie

Family Circle - Happy Face vs. Chocolate Bourbon

Premier Division - All Butter Shortbread vs. LotusĀ 

National League - Chocolate Hob Nob vs. Jammie Dodger

It's hotting up!

Winner of the Victoria Group will play against winner of the Premier Division and Family Circle will play against the National League to see who goes into the grand final.

So, the winner of each group were as follows:

Group 1 Victoria Selection : Chocolate Finger

Group 2 Family Circle : Chocolate Bourbon

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Group 4 - National League

Group 3 National Leage : Chocolate Hob Nob

Group 4 Premier Division : All Butter Shortbread

In the finals, All Butter Shortbread knocked out the Chocolate Finger, and Chocolate Hob Nob knocked out the Bourbon to go to the final.

In the final, The All Butter Shortbread came out as the victor in an 18-12 win.

Chocolate Finger won the third place play-off (but no-one ever cares about that match, anyway).

Thanks to everyone for voting and again to World Of Ukes for the idea in the first place.

Pic 3
Biscuit Cup Grand Finals

Simon Taylor, 10th December 2019

Biscuity madness!