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Crispy Jones - EP2019

We've listened to Crispy Jones' music before and liked the mix of influences. The best explanation is from Crispy's own PR - "You can hear Crispy’s love for the Ramones, Buddy Holly, Buster Shuffle, Everlast, and Bob Marley without copying it. He mixes all styles he likes and that’s how it sounds."

This EP marks the 10th anniversary of this band from Nueremberg, Germany and comprises four new tracks for 2019.

Crispy Jones is actually a "Ukulele One Man Band" band, we may have missed that before, but also supported on some tracks by singer "Cati".

The genre can best be explained as ukulele pop I think. It's upbeat with the influences as mentioned above, with mostly English language lyrics, but with a characteristic splattering of German that is understandable to most Brits.

The album opens with "The Devil's Turn" - fantastic arrangement on this track, harmonica, keys (as bass), extra vocals. It's about making a wrong decision, the deepest song on the album. If Germany selected this for their Eurovision entry, it would win. No doubt.

"Bloom From The Kitchenroom" guaranteed to make you hungry. Clever use of farting on "Homeward Bound" and a ska rhythm.

The EP finishes with "Kaffee". I'm a big coffee fan, so this is a good way to finish. I think Crispy likes his coffee the same as me. I'm with you Crispy - "I don't care what you think of me, because coffee is my favourite drink".

Crispy includes the lyrics and chords on the rear artwork in case you want to play and sing along.

His website is at www.crispyjones.de, you can also get a CD from one of his gigs.

4 tracks, 11 minutes.

1. The Devil's Turn
2. Bloom From The Kitchenroom
3. Homeward Bound
4. Kaffee

Review - Simon Taylor, 24th February 2019

We like music from Crispy. Always fun, just good, fun pop music.