The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2018

This will be the sixth GNUF, and after going last year, we can't wait. There will be more biscuit and cat action from us for everyone to get involved in.

But of course, the main event is the performances by world-class ukulele artists on multiple stages, workshops, open mic opportunities, pub gigs and meeting friends old and new.

GNUF isn't just a series of events, it's a 'thing' in itself, a living, breathing phenomenon. With a group of organisers, led by the ever energetic and enthusiastic Mary Agnes Krell, she manages to pack in more things than really seem humanly possible.

Song Writing Contest

We have a competition for all GNUF attendees to get involved in! What you have to do is write and perform a song which is about cats or biscuits (but not cat biscuits). We are guessing it will be a silly song, but that's up to you. The prize is a fantastic Baton Rouge V2-T5 Tenor ukulele, a lovely 5 string ukulele in mahogany with a slotted head, that has been generously provided by World Of Ukes. You will also have the opportunity (if you are up for it) to perform the song on the main stage as part of the GNUF finale!

The Baton Rouge V2-T5 prize from World Of Ukes

Criteria for the competition is:

More Biscuit Fun

After last year's ground breaking research into the dunkability of the venerable digestive biscuit, we've been inspired by Krabbers (check out his video) to investigate further.

The results of our experiments...

Cats, Biscuits & Ukuleles - what's not to like?

We'll be looking at the dunkability of different biscuits, and asking GNUF attendees to help in the research by choosing their biscuit and seeing how well they dunk. It should be great fun, and clearly it is valuable, scientific research. Tea will be made to BS6008 (Google it if you don't know what that is). Come and find us and take part.

We understand that tickets are selling fast, so to make sure you don't miss out, book your tickets over at For people travelling from out of the area, there are plenty of hotels and B&Bs within walking distance of the main venues in Huddersfield. There are plenty of places to eat, and you'll be sure to meet up with like minded ukulele enthusiasts wherever you go over the weekend. It's great fun. Last year, we even met Felix the Huddersfield station cat, an internet star himself.

More stuff will appear on this page as we get more news of artists and events at the main GNUF '18 event on 11th-13th of May, 2018. But so far, we know that Amelia Coburn - who was our favourite last year, Andy Eastwood - just fabulous, Andrew Molina, unplugthewood, Mim's Stage, and other of our favourites such as Plastic Jeezus, Oooty & The Cloud, Matt Hicks, Isaac Hughes-Dennis, Astraluna and many, many others will be there. It's going to be a blast!

Coustie will be there - get a picture with him!