We are simply about ukuleles and fun. We try to make things easy to understand & useful. But most of all, fun. Oh, there are cats and biscuits, too.

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Take a look at some of the video reviews, they are about the looks, 'feeling' and the basic sound of the instruments. Short, fun reviews. No real technical analysis, just a subjective opinion. Of course, opinions vary, but these are ours! Very hot right now is the Enya Nova U ukulele with its fancy effects.

Reports & galleries of pictures from festivals, details about ukulele players, retailers and so on. You know - the other stuff. Videos from GNUF'17, GNUF'18 and GNUF'19 are here.
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We have music reviews - which albums will get the Cool Cat Ukes Recommended Album Award? One of our favourites is Re-Owned, a collection of brilliant Krabbers covers. You can buy it from the review page.

We've got interviews, too. Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Dead Mans Uke & Zoƫ Bestel are here, there are many more, including our great friends, Opera-lele & Katy Vernon. Check them out in the articles section & learn about what makes our favourite ukulele celebrities tick.

NEW! - songs to download in PDF and OnSong format.

Just for fun - silly stuff. Like how to pronouce the name of a biscuit, From The Stage Floor videos, strange stuff with flip flops and the UK's most popular biscuits. My own videos, too. Even a video review of Quality Street chocolates.

We've added charts for GCEA and Baritone as well as a nice Circle Of Fifths diagram that you can print out.

Cool Cat Ukes was launched on International Cat Day, the 8th of August 2015.