We are simply about ukuleles and fun. We try to make things easy to understand & useful. But most of all fun. Oh, there are cats & biscuits, too.

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Take a look at some of the video reviews, they are about the looks, 'feeling' and the basic sound of the instruments. Short, fun reviews. No real technical analysis, just a subjective opinion. Of course, opinions vary, but these are ours! Very hot right now are the Enya Nova U and the Donner EC975 ukuleles.

Reports & galleries of pictures from festivals, details about ukulele players, retailers and so on. You know - the other stuff. Videos from GNUF'17, GNUF'18 and GNUF'19 are here. We've just reviewed the UMA Baby-T, and have one to give away at GNUF'22. Check it out.
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We have music reviews - which albums will get the Cool Cat Ukes Recommended Album Award? One of our favourites is Re-Owned, a collection of brilliant Krabbers covers. You can buy it from the review page.

We've got interviews, too. Interviews with retailers like Matt Stead as well as artists, including our great friends, Opera-lele & Katy Vernon. Check them out in the articles section & find out what makes our favourite ukulele celebrities tick.

Songs to download in PDF and OnSong format.

Simon's own music is here, more often performed on open mics and includes covers and original songs.

Just for fun - silly stuff. Like how to pronouce the name of a biscuit, From The Stage Floor videos, strange stuff with flip flops and the UK's most popular biscuits. My own videos, too. Even a video review of Quality Street chocolates. If we can make just one person smile or laugh each day, our work is done.

Charts for GCEA & Baritone as well as a nice Circle Of Fifths diagram that you can print out. Also some barre chord explanations in a video.

Featured Links

Phil Doleman - all round ukulele nice guy, CDs, books, lessons. Straps For Chords - handmade straps for ukuleles in many different designs & widths.

Cool Cat Ukes was launched on International Cat Day, the 8th of August 2015.